Reusable Eco-Friendly Mesh Bags


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15 reviews for Reusable Eco-Friendly Mesh Bags

    washable mesh bags
    Finally, I can use no plastic. These bags rescued me. I recommend
    Cool products. I bought for my friends too. Time to spread eco-trend globally :)
    white mesh bags
    Helpful and looks neat
    blue reusable bag
    Reusable feature is awesome. You can save a lot of money and our planet.
    mesh reusable bags
    Received these eco-bags and got rid of plastic forever. They are easy to wash and store, and they dry quickly.
    eco friendly bags
    Arrived fast, looks the same as in photos.
    washable eco bags
    Purchased 3 sets already and totally liked them all. I suppose they will stay in perfect conditions for many months in a row.
    red mesh bag
    So far good quality. Neat sews and meshes, cool zipper, snow-white material. I ordered 12-pcs and it's enough to pack all my groceries, fruits, etc.
    eco bags
    Comfy to use. I can wash them easily, Material is soft but durable at the same time.
    reusable mesh bag
    My family adores these bags. We already bought the second 12-pcs pack here. Nice quality and fast shipping.
    mesh bags
    I'm 100% satisfied with this choice. My sincere recommendations!
    reusable mesh bag
    I still can't believe such perfect reusable bags do exist. Guys, thanks a lot. You changed my life. Shopping and product storage is a genuine relief using these bags.
    green reusable bags
    I'm totally in love with these cute, compact and quality eco-bags. Best deals for that money paid.
    eco-friendly bags
    The best quality I've ever seen. They will definitely serve for many months or even years.
    mesh bag
    Excellent. You can store literally everything there. 

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Key Features

  • Lightweight and Durable: bags are made of durable, strong, lightweight and eco-friendly material. This material is an easy-to-see-through mesh that is very practical for storing your staff
  • Available in 3 Different sizes:S (20cm x 30cm), M (35cm x 30cm), L (43cm x 30cm)
  • Reusable and Eco-friendly material: there is nothing better to preserve the environment than using reusable materials. It is a great alternative to plastic that is but with no harm to the environment
  • A Great Decision to Store Fruits & Vegetables: Instead of suffocating fruits and vegetables with plastic, use breathable mesh.
  • 12 pieces set: consists of 3 x S bags, 6 x M bags, 3 x L bags
  • Fridge and freezer friendly
  • Washing machine friendly

Did you know that this year approximately 5 trillion plastic bags will be consumed?

Plastic bags are very harmful to our environment as they disrupt it severely. The plastic bags get into the soil and gradually, slowly release toxic chemicals. Plastic is not only harmful to animals (as of the result of breaking down into the ground, animals eat them and frequently die) but also dangerous for our health. That is why it is much better to choose eco-friendly bags. If you are concerned about our planet and your kids’ health, you should first eliminate plastic from your day-to-day life.  

  • practical to use: you can wash it anytime it is needed so you will not worry about stains or damages
  • store your fruits and vegetables longer: having breathable mesh your fruits and vegetables will stay fresh longer than when storing them in plastic
  • made of BPA free, food-safe material can be kept in the fridge or freeze

So, instead of using plastic bags that suffocate your fruits and vegetables, take advantage of these eco-friendly reusable bags. 

This set of reusable eco-friendly mesh bags includes:

12 pcs set includes:

 3 X Small Bags

 6 X Medium Bags

 3 X Large Bags


5 pcs set includes:

 5 X Small Bags

 5 X Medium Bags

 5 X Large Bags


Available in 3 Sizes:

 Small – 20 cm x 30 cm

 Medium – 35 cm x 30 cm

 Large – 43 cm x 30 cm



 Produce bags – Polyester fiber, BPA free

 Pop-lock fasteners – Plastic, BPA free


 Available in 3 Colors: 

 Small size bags – Red color

 Medium size bags – Green color

 Large size bags – Blue color


Additional information


12-pcs, L-5pcs, M-5pcs, S-5pcs