animal abuse

What is Animal Abuse?

Animal abuse is an act of intentional cruelty. Every day thousands of animals suffer from abuse. If you want to know how to stop cruelty to animals, you should read the animal rights activists’ instructions. Here are the top 3 tips on how to stop animal abuse and bring the offender to justice.

What to do if faced with a situation of animal abuse, and how to bring a criminal to justice?

1. Try to interrupt the act of cruelty.

In most cases, it is enough to draw the attention of others to what is happening. And the person who commits this violation in such a situation is usually distracted and stops his actions.

Keep in mind, all legal methods can be followed to stop the animal abuse you have witnessed.

2. At the same time it is necessary to call the police immediately (!).

The police are obliged to respond to this call and come. It is necessary to refer to the law on the protection of animals from cruel treatment. 

It is necessary to wait for the police and made the report on this violation.

Since you wrote the statement, you can follow the investigation. It is important to understand that only with your control and maximum dissemination of information about this situation, the abuser will be punished.

3. If possible, record the crime and the face of the offender.

Nowadays, those cases that end in the courts with at least some punishment for animal abuse are related to the availability of photo and video evidence of crimes. Video evidence is the best here. So, it is important to capture the face of the offender and his actions. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to prove that a particular person did these actions.


It is important to understand that filming a crime is not enough to bring a criminal to justice. It is necessary to call the police, give a statement, and demand the involvement of these photos and videos in the court.

If you just film and post a video on the Internet, it is not worth hoping that your actions will somehow solve the situation.

Today, there are no consolidated statistics on the legal prosecution of people for animal abuse. In fact, such cases are rare. You can count a maximum of two dozen. As a rule, cases that reach a court decision ending on probation. The maximum term of punishment for cruelty to animals is six months to a year.

To sum it up, you should remember that, to bring a criminal to justice, first of all, you need to call the police and write a statement. And then – to monitor as much as possible to make sure that the animal offender would be sentenced to prison or imposed a fine.

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